Returning one item in database

Hi I have a question,
I want to show 3 example “things” in 3 groups on my front page.
E.g. like Kickstarter shows the top 3 most successful “projects” of all its projecs on its front page.

Is there any way to show them without doing Do a search for all projects where unique id = x : first item, separately for each of the 3 items.

To find these 3 groups?

Or must I query the entire database of projects the whole time?
(There is too much info in these projects to manually type it and I want to change these 3 every month)


I think it would be best to use a repeating group for this.

In the database add a field to your projects called FrontPage? (Yes/No).

Then on the repeating group do a search for projects where FrontPage? = Yes. The repeating group will then display all the projects that you have set to be on the front page.