Returning to first page of form after submission

Hey guys,

I’ve created a 3 page (group) pop up survey. When I hit the submit button, the pop up survey goes away and I’m dropped back into my app. This is how it’s supposed to work. Unfortunately, if I click on the Take Survey button when I’m in my app again, it takes me back to the third page with the submit button instead of the first page at the beginning of the survey. This is a non-issue if I refresh my browser but if I’m in the same session, I get the third page.

How do I start over on the first page after every survey submission?

I think the reset inputs action might solve your problem if you have that run after you submit (assuming your display logic is based on the inputs being filled)

Hi @chrismilleratx

It seems like your group states are not configured correctly. When user clicks on « submit » on group 3 (and everytime popup is closed) make sure you set the states in your workflow to

  • Group 1 Visible is yes
  • Group 2 Visible is no
  • Group 3 Visible is no

Thanks. That makes sense, @ambroisedlg but I’m not sure how to do that in workflow. I see how to do it in an element however.

@chrismilleratx you need to set custom states on each group and set conditions like below:


In the workflows “When popup is closed” and “When Submit is clicked” (both have the same workflow actions, although you can add a “Hide Popup” for the Submit workflow):

Set the state of Group A to Visible = yes:

Set the state of Groups B & C to Visible = no:

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Goodness, friend. That was above and beyond. Thank you so much!

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