Reusable element navbar/sidebar combo will not stretch sidebar to page

Reusable element navbar/sidebar combo works well but the sidebar does not stretch to fit the length of the page. What is the best way of going about making it fit to page? I tried making the groups within the sidebar 100% length but that doesn’t work. If I set their pixel length to a large quantity then it does work but if someone has a monitor tall enough, they’ll see the bottom. I thought about adding a separate group and floating group to each page that I add the reusable element to that will make the menu appear seamless but I’d rather have the function incorporated with the reusable element since the element is designed to fit to content and I’d have to manually adjust the separate floating groups to match the pixel width. I followed @duke.severn 's tutorial online, which is great instruction, it just didn’t show this part. Here are some screen shots of the problem:

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