Reusable Element of Repeating Group with various constraints

I have a Thing called “Person”;
my ERP stores different profiles (e.g. client contact, employee, vendor contact… etc.) as Persons;
these profiles are differenciated by Person ID prefix (e.g. CLNTCCT as client contact, and VDRCCT as vendor contact… etc.);
they have different input forms that will assign prefixes accordingly;
there is also an attribute Person Type (e.g. Client, Vendor, Staff) in the Person Thing assigned based on the input form.

I have created multiple pages with repeating groups (with the same style and responsive settings) to list the Persons controlled by various constraints;
but that means if I ever want to change the setting of the repeating group, I’ll have to manually change them one by one on all those pages;

Is there a way to make the repeating group in a reuseable element,
and just change the constraints dynamically according to the page their on?
(At the moment I cannot see how to set the constraints on the page or page group level.)