Reusable Element with Stripe Element

Hi, I’m trying to make a reusable Stripe block.

I’m using Stripe Elements.

I cant make it work despite having it perfectly fine on another page.

Hence I’m wondering if reusable elements would block certain things, especially in my case the tokenisation of a Stripe Element ?

Eager to read your feedback,

EDIT :::

The Issue is with having twice the Stripe Element on the same page (it’s a landing and the payment form occurs twice or more).

Another behaviour is that stripe element is hidden in the the 2nd block.

Anyone knows how to address this ? Maybe with states ?

maybe @copilot knows about this ?

Did yo find out anything? I think I am experiencing the same problem

Hi, I remember someone answered that’s the “normal” behaviour, so it would be quite a lot of work to get it work differently (using lower level solutions, like direct to API… ).