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Reusable element's conditionals not working

I have a reusable header with “current page width” conditionals applied to text. When I resize my header in the reusable elements designer it functions as expected: text drops down in size as the screen size shrinks.

But, when I put the reusable element on a page, the “current page width” conditionals stop working and the text won’t resize.

Creating a bug report as well, but wanted to check if anyone else has experienced this?


proper function at 320 px wide
Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 7.23.42 AM

bug at 320px wide

Try moving up the ≤ 400 condition above the ≤430 one.

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ah man that’s a good one, but no dice.

I filed a bug too, I’ll post here when its resolved.

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