Reusable elements does not interact with the page

Dear Bubble Community,

I am trying to build an header to my data tables. The data tables are built using RGs and the headers are built using groups and textboxes (without RG basically). For each corresponding columns of my data tables I have created a group in the header called an “Attribute” that contains a textbox, a filter and a sorter as can be seen in the image below:

Of course I am trying not to replicate the logic of the filter and the sorter each time I need to create a new column in my data table. So I have came up with the idea of having a reusable element containing the textbox, the filter (and its corresponding focus group containing the possible filtering options) and the sorter.

So with my table that has N columns I end up with N reusable elements.

However neither my filter nor my sorter are capable of giving any info to the RG to display the relevant data in the relevant order.

Any clues on how to solve this issue ?

PS: Sorry it was hard to explain.

Thanks in advance,


Heya Quentin,

You should be able to change the custom state of the Reusable element from the page and the reusable itself.

You can then use that information to change what your RG is searching for / showing.

Hope that helps,