Reusable elements edit once, publish everywhere

I assumed one of the key benefits of reusable elements was that I could edit it in one place and it would update anywhere I’d placed that element (for ease of publishing updates across multiple pages without having to edit multiple pages). Is that not the case?

This is exactly the case. You create a RE and then place instances of that RE on different pages. When you need to change something - you edit the RE and all changes are apllied for all instances.

Yeah, same thing as we do in the code

Hmm then something is wrong with mine because that isn’t happening. I’ll do some troubleshooting to see what’s up but at least I have confirmation of expected behavior. Thanks.

Double check you haven’t detached an instance from RE:
Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 20.38.09

If you do this - there will be no connection between them, so changes in RE will not be applied.

Thanks for the tip. I haven’t done that intentionally but it’s totally possible I unthinkingly edited an instance of it on a page, which I imagine has a similar outcome, so I’ll go check for that.