Reusable Elements & RepeatingGroups Feature

Hello Bubble,

I was wondering if there were any word on whether or not Bubble would add the functionality of enabling repeatinggroups to reference the states within a reusable element placed within that repeatinggroup anytime in the near future.

Sometimes its frustrating to find complex workarounds or use plugins with unclear instructions. It would be much easier with this feature.

Thank you

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There’s nothing specific in the works for this at the moment, but we’re certainly aware that this would be a useful functionality for users!

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You could try setting something up with a custom workflow event in the reusable element and have a workflow event triggered by an element in the repeating group to trigger the custom workflow event in the reusable.

I usually use the Orchestra or Satellite plugin that both have a showcase forum post with some example editors to showcase how to use them.

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Thank you.

I tried using those plugins but could not understand the instructions. When I reached out to the developer for clarification I felt like I was kind of dismissed. I’ll look through the forums for examples of how people have successful used those plugins and I may also try your tip as well.

If you have any specific threads, please share them?


The forum posts I mentioned as ‘showcase’…there are editor links provided by the developer as well as a lot of responses to questions on how to use it. From these forum posts I was able to get enough insight from the example editors to get an understanding of how to utilize them.

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Thank you very much.

I appreciate it.

Just adding my two cents here. Yes this is a Bubble limitation for the moment and is the reason I created the Super Communicator plugin. It’s a pretty straightforward plugin and I’ve made a quick demo of the use case @randreas has outlined.