Reusable Elements That Should Be Visible Are Hidden... Why?

I have a single page app which contains “page” groups that are hidden by default and revealed with URL parameters.


I have a menu header than controls the relevant parameters:

The “pages” Pros and Jobs contain reusable elements. Those reusable elements display as expected until the URL parameter “page=Progress” is set.

Once “page=Progress” is set, I can change the parameter back to “page=Feed”, “page=Pros”, or “page=Jobs” but after “page=Progress” has been set, the reusable elements on “page=Pros” and “page=Jobs” are not visible.

These reusables are visible on page load and have no conditions (in the reusable element itself or on the page on which the reusables are placed) that would explain why they are hidden.

Am I overlooking something or is this a bug?

Hope the above explanation is clear. If not, this video shows what’s going on…

Are there any workflows running when the Progress nav item is clicked which might be hiding the RE?

Good idea but no, no workflows that would hide. This is the only thing that happens when Progress is clicked: