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Reusable Group - expand size

I have a reusable group that is set to show job postings based on search criteria. Each section in this group has a button that says “view job”. When this button is clicked, I want the reusable group to expand in size so that additional information on the posting can be displayed. I would only want additional information for this specific posting to be displayed, not all postings within the reusable group.

Is there any way to do this?

I would consider building a separate group, perhaps called “Job Specifics” ; then program the “View Job” button so that it sets state of group “Job Specific” to current cells job.

You can then show/hide the new “Job Specifics” group as needed (when user clicks “View Job”) The data in the new group, will be unique for each job.

Hope that helps

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Fantastic, that is exactly what I wanted to do.

The new box that is now displayed is larger than my reusable group and doesnt fit on the same page. I want to create a workflow so that when this new box appears (from clicking view job button) the page length is increased to fit the new box. I imagine this will be done through a custom event but have never done this before - any idea how?


I do not know about changing the size of your page via a workflow.

You might be able to do that… Perhaps another member has some thoughts…

The only thing I can think of is:
a) design the UI so that re-sizing the page is not a requirement (Possibly a pop up, that more or less dominates the page)
b) If you can put your dynamic data (the info of the jobs) in a text input; there is an option with text inputs where you can select “Stretch to fit content” That feature will automatically format (stretch the page length) of a text representation