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Reusable in a reusable

Objective: Filter data of “‘invoices_admin’ reusable = 1 using data from the “‘filters_template’ reusable = 2.

Method I use:

  1. create custom states for (1), which will be used as filter parameters.
  2. I copy-paste (1) in (2) in order to have access to the custom states of (1)
  3. In (2) I set the values of the custom states of (1) (see pic 1)
  4. In (1) I then filter the data according to these custom states (see pic 2).

However, the results are not filtered, even though the custom state in step 3 changes correctly. One question is: if I copy-paste (1) in (2), do the custom states change even in the main page?

It looks like when you do the filtering you call “invoices_admin” whereas in the picture before you set the value of invoices_admin A" which is a different one.

Beside that you might want to consider using options sets to create your filters, if the filters are going to be the same often :slight_smile:

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