Reusable object behaving differently

I made a custom slider menu which works fine on the original page. When I make a reusable element out of it, it behaves differently on the page I use it on.

The original object, is a fixed width 240 sliding menu on the left. Which can appear and disappear.
When I have it on the original page, it works fine. When the menu is open, the body of the page is positioned correctly. Then I close it, and it stays in the same spot, not taking up the free space left by menu being hidden.
When I make it a reusable object and put it on the next page, in the builder it looks all fine. But when I go to preview, it renders the body of the page slightly under the menu. And when I hide the menu, the main body shift left.
Both pages have row alignment, and the menu has same dimensions and is fixed. While the main group elements are align to parent. Looks all pretty much the same, except the behaviour is different.

Some images would help. Any chance this is a simple margin issue? It was hard to follow your issue without pics.

Here is an example what happens when I create a new page with reusable object
Starting point

Then I hide the sliding menu with a click, it hide the sliding menu (grey box). And shift the group complete to the left to 0,0 position. The setup and margins are identical. But on original object it works, when I add a reusable object it does not.

Work around, I can just copy paste the original object manually

Problem was that object was a floating group, and when it is put in reusable object it seems to behave like a normal group.
Work around was to have floating group as normal object and put a reusable group inside. Not 100% reusable but close enough, at least workflows are standardized