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Reuse external API response in multiple groups

Hi Everyone, I am building a report/analytics application. From an external API (my own back-end, so changes possible), I get a response to use in my dashboard. Lets say I get full response in one API call to prevent multiple calls to the back-end. Now, is it possible to reuse parts of the response in multiple places like charts, texts, etc . ? I am thinking to set data in parent group and then reuse. Did you face such issues ? How do you work in such cases ? Any suggestion or tutorial would be of great help.

Thank you.

If you need that data on the same page, then it’s a good idea to set data on Parent groups and reuse it. I have done it and it works.

Thanks a lot. Even I am trying , it works. One other question if you don’t mind. Lets say I have multiple groups (multiple columns and rows) and now I group them together in the entire page, how about maintaining mobile responsiveness ? Is it still possible to keep mobile responsive ?

Btw, custom states are also good!

When you put elements (any type) inside the group, the bubble automatically make it responsive

I love custom states. You can do lots of task using the custom states

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