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Reverse a reusable element?

We’ve made a few reusable elements in the app, but it’s making editing them cumbersome and want to reverse them back to normal elements. Is there anything I could do about it?

Select all elements in the Reusable element and ‘group them together’ then copy with workflows that group and then paste with workflows that group onto the page you need it.

Anytime I create a reusable element I first make a group that spans the entire reusable element so that if I want I can just copy and paste that group…same goes in the reverse direction. If I made something on page, I group all elements and then copy and paste the group into a reusable.

The idea of reusable elements is to actually make the editing of elements and/or workflows associated with them easier for anything you will be using across multiple places in your app…imagine having a reusable element you have on five pages and you edit just the one reusable and all of the places it is used it is changed…that would be easier than having to change each of the five separate elements on the five different pages.