Reverse Proxy Setup

Hi All,

Looks like my post on this topic was rolled back.
Is there indeed, a way to configure bubble to redirect one of the directories to an external host?

The point is that if you’re trying to integrate an external blogging solution specifically for SEO purpose as one of the directories of an existing application - there seems to be currently no technical way to do that on Bubble level.

Here’s the feedback I got from one of the blogging platforms support teams:

The way subdirectory support works is that you would need to be running your own reverse proxy server (this would likely be the nginx/apache server for your existing website) that will accept requests for and forward them to your blog. An example nginx config is available here

Will this be something that we’ll be able to do?
I’m sure that a lot of people would go for the external blogging solution (better SEO, easier management, no development necessary), but integrated into their main functional app that delivers the core functionality.

please let us know!