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🔀 Reverse Repeating Groups for Chats - New Plugin from Zeroqode

VilJames165, I love you so much, the inverted RG by digital eye works fantastic. worth the 15 usd!

@viljames165 , @natserrano , thanks for sharing your opinion.

We do understand, it is up to you to use the product which works the best for your use case/application. And we will be working on our products to make them satisfy the user’s needs as much as possible, fixing current drawbacks and improving the strengths.

But would you kindly tell me what exactly is not working for you in our plugin, which you’d like to be improved?

Zeroqode Team

Hi. I don’t have the plugin yet, but I’ll get it if it works with horizontal RGs. I want a one-row, horizontal group where the most recent entry is on the right and on page load it shows that one on the right, with the previous (by date) items going backward in time to the left. So you’d always see the most recent one and you’d have to scroll left to see the history.
Will this plugin help?

Hello, dear @prograds
Thanks for reaching us.

Yes, our plugin works with Horizontal scrolling of the RP.
To change the type from Vertical to Horizontal you just need to select the Horizontal scrolling in the Layout style menu. Please see the screenshot:

Also, in the Data Source field of the Repeating Group you can add a condition that will filter the date of the messages :

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team

Hey @ZeroqodeSupport,

I recently subscribed to the plugin, but I can’t get it to work with Ext Vertical Scroll inside of a floating group. The results load properly on page load but when I scroll to the bottom of the results it loads more (older) results at the top of the page. The ordering of results is correct, but I want it to load more results when I scroll up to the top, not down to the bottom.

I am using an Ext vertical scrolling repeating group inside of a floating group that scales to the height of the viewport. The results are sorted by “Created Date”, Descending = “yes”.

The ReverseRG is targeting the correct RG with the scrolling direction “Bottom to Top” selected

Does this only work with Vertical Scrolling RGs? If so, how can I set this up so that the list of messages will dynamically scale to the height of the viewport?


Thanks for reaching us.

Allow me to note that this plugin works with Ext. Vertical scrolling.

I’m afraid that I do not understand your request fully, but allow me to recommend you the next:

  • In case you want to load new messages on the Top, but old messages will be displayed at the Bottom, please set the Scroll Direction as Top to Bottom :

  • If you want to display old messages on the Top and the new ones at the Bottom, please set up the Bottom to Top scrolling direction in Editor.

Also, depending on the Scrolling Direction, please pay attention to the sorting by date of creation.

If this advice does not help you, please specify your request in more detail.

Zeroqode Team

I have double-checked and followed your instructions however it still does not work properly. Please see this video:

To confirm, this is using an Ext vertical scroll RG, not Vertical Scroll RG.

Please let me know what I’m doing wrong.

Hello, dear @pauldon

Thank you for the recorder video. We have analyzed the provided video and indeed see that this plugin does not work correctly in your application.

Despite the correct defined settings, could you please add our Support Team email to the list of collaborators to your application? This will allow us to check your settings and run some tests and verify the browser console to fix the mentioned problem.

To add our Support Team as a collaborator, you need to do the following steps in the Bubble Editor:

Settings > Collaboration > Add email [email protected]

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

@ZeroqodeTeam, just purchased this plugin to use within a chat feature. It works as described except for the scroll bar on the LHS of the chat RG, instead of the RHS.

Using the “hide scrollbar” option works in Chrome, but not in Safari. Perhaps you can look into this?

For now, I’m going with a workflow solution that isn’t quite as smooth, but is native to bubble: “when this RG is loading” > Element Actions > Repeating Group > Scroll to this RG’s Last Item

Hello, @benedict
Thanks for reaching us.

The scroll bar is placed on the RHS, as it is demonstrated on our Demo Version and Editor Page. This position is set by default.

Indeed, the Hidden Scrollbar function is working only for Chrome. Our Development team will check this issue and will revert to you with an update on this matter.

I’m afraid that we can not reproduce or investigate this case without more info. Can you please describe this in more detail? Please provide us the screenshots of your workflow with current settings and we will check it.

Looking to hear you soon.
Zeroqode Team

@ZeroqodeTeam, thanks for your response. Here are the screenshots:

  1. Set up for RG search is below. RG’s layout style is vertical scrolling

  2. Set-up for plugin is below. Basic bottom to top scrolling

  3. Result of RG and plugin is below: scroll bar is on the LHS instead of the RHS. This is the case in Chrome and Safari
    Image 3

I’m on the latest version of the plugin, since I purchased it yesterday.


Hello, @benedict
Thanks for provided screenshots. Now your request is clear for us.

The reason why the scroll bar moves to the LHS is as follows:

When scrolling through messages from top to bottom, the scroll bar is fixed to the right side for the user’s convenience. However, when you change position to Bottom to Top, the repeating group is reversed and the scroll bar moves as well.

Zeroqode Support

@ZeroqodeSupport Thanks, for clarifying. Perhaps you can help me with this simple logic:

When I create an RG using Bubble’s native functionality and sort by creation date using sort order > descending = yes, these three things happen:

  1. The scroll bar is at the RHS

  2. The newest item is at the bottom of the list, while the oldest item is at the top of the list

  3. Upon RG load, Bubble focuses on the oldest item at the top of the list, and the user can scroll down to the newest item at the bottom of the list

I expected that using the plugin, I would select scroll direction = “Bottom to Top”, which would result in these outcomes:

  1. Upon RG load, the focus would be on the newest item at the bottom of the list
  2. The scroll bar would still be on the RHS
  3. The user can scroll up to the oldest item

But from our communication, point #2 isn’t correct: the scroll bar appears be on the LHS because the RG is been reversed / inverted. My options to resolve these are:

  1. Hide the scroll bar, which doesn’t work in Safari, or
  2. Select RTL, which would move the scroll bar to the RHS, but change the direction of my text

If this is true, are you able to update the plugin so that the scroll bar is on the RHS? It would be counter-intuitive for users to have it on the LHS.


Hello, dear @benedict
Thanks for these detail.

Unfortunately, but following the logic of our plugin, when you flip the repeating group to the Bottom to Top position, the scroll bar is flipped with the group contents.
The other listed items are matched to your request.

Our development team is fixing the issue with the “Hide scroll bar” function for Sarafi and other browsers.
Accordingly, you will be able to apply this feature and not be concerned about the location of the scrollbar in your application. I will inform you once it will be ready.

Thanks for understanding.
Zeroqode Support