Revert to previous version of live database taking 24+ hours?

I am reverting my live database to a previous version (all tables) but the process has been running for more than 24hrs and I’m still seeing the progress bar at only about 25%. There are about a dozen tables. Most tables are less than 100 rows. The largest however is 40,000 rows.

I appreciate it takes time to copy the tables etc. but I cant imagine it being normal to take this long. There is no cancel button and I desperately ( ← isn’t it always) need to update the database. It is a live app with users, but because of this there are big holes in its functionality.

Anyone got any ideas? I feel like it needs a reboot. Like turn it off an on again to solve. Or am I being impatient and this length of time is acceptable?

Hi there, @pete10… that action should have been done within seconds or maybe minutes of when you started it, so something definitely isn’t right. If it was me, I would likely refresh the editor and see what state the app is in and then probably try to revert again. However, I am not necessarily suggesting you do that because I have no idea what effect it might have on your app. At the very least, you should contact Bubble support because there is no way the process should take 24+ hours.


Ok, thanks! Just contacted them. Will follow up on here when I get a response in case helpful for others.