Reward System App

Hi everyone,

I am new and would like to know if this is possible with Starter Pack:

  1. To have an app with tasks and reward system (points saved for every user). It will save points after user finish task and there will be option for admin, or person selected by admin to review the completion of the task and also adding new tasks. I will jump into building it, just want to make sure before I start that is possible with Bubble.

  2. Is it possible to set monthly subscription for app with plugins?

Hello Josip.

I believe I understand what you’re asking. The answer is that this is very possible to build in Bubble, however it will depend on how you build out the UX and UI.

Under the “User” data type, you’ll want to create a field for “rewards-points” or some similar name and that field type will be a number.

Then, when it comes to workflows surrounding the completion of an app by the user, you’ll want to use the “make change to current user” action and make the change to the user’s reward points. This will look something like “reward-points = current user’s reward points + x” with x being the points you want to add for the task.

If you want tasks to be viewed by another user, like an admin, you’ll want to build a page that is visible on the admin side with a repeatinggroup that contains a list of tasks. Then you’ll have to add some UX and UI for that.

All of this was to explain that it is very doable. I did not quite understand your second question, but you could build these features out without a paid plan or subscription. Some plugins are free and do not require a paid plan, but some plugins can only be purchased if you have a subscription.

Hope that helped.