[REWORKED] BetterSwipeV2 - More functionality for free!

Hello friends! I have an old plugin that I have updated. Hopefully it proves more useful than ever before!


Easily detect when a user swipes in any direction on Android or iPhone.

New features:

  • Omnidirectional support
  • Now outputs direction in text – left, right, down, up
  • Select if you also want directional outputs (up-left, up-right, left-down, right-down).
  • Now triggers an event when a swipe has occurred.
  • Target a specific element in which you want the swipe to only react to.
  • Set a sensitivity level you want the swipe to occur.
  • Timeout time to reset the states.

NOW TWO ELEMENTS: One for targeting specific elements, and another for universal use.

I had released it publicly over a year ago with the sole-intention of only utilizing it on a few public apps and friends needed something that worked. I didn’t put much time into it and I finally had a minute to improve the plugin significantly.

All it did before was publish two different states (swiped… left – or right) that in my opinion isn’t very efficient. I now have made it work in a more universal way.

Please let me know if there are any issues and I’ll try to get them resolved.

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@GH5T worked great for me for my ios wrapped app, thanks!!!

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Works well, but would love the ability to resize the element on the page rather than it being a set 25px X 25px, makes it difficult to hide the element

i put it inside a 1x1px group and that did the trick

As stated by @alfonso.galindo - just wrap it inside a floating element. My trick is I create a floating group, and hide it beneath the page. I put all my “on-page” elements inside that, and I have no issues with it being seen. The other thing is that this works on repeating groups as well, you just need to make sure the RG is a reusable element to put another floating group in it.

For anyone who needs it:

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Hi @GH5T I need help please : I installed the plugin on my bubble application and set up what was necessary for it to work. My application was wrapped with BDK, it is in a single page with hide and show condition (and each group has a different url). On the internet browser, the back swipe works great. Unfortunately on my mobile application (from the Android and Apple stores) it does not work. How to do it please?

version 2.2.0

  • Update code, links, icon, and description
  • Element now named: “:rocket: Swipe Detect”

Now a single element, you can leave blank if you want to globally enable the swipe detection.

Demo will be updated soon.