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RG advanced filtering with API - can't make it work

Hi everyone,
I am getting crazy around this issues for a long time. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

I use Airtable as DB.
After getting data, I would like to filter this data with an advanced filter.
No matter what kind of filter I implement, I always get a generic error (and the filter is not working). The error il clearly related with the advanced filter, because when I remove it, the error goes away and everything works fine.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m doing:

The data type is Gift. Every Gift has a text field Name.

I get a list of GIFTS from Airtable and filter (e.g. with the number of char of the field Name).

Then I run the debugger. The error you see is a generic error, that disappear if I remove the advanced filter. The list of gifts is full of Gifts, you can see here for example the first one with Name “auto sportiva” (13 chars):

Then the filter gives me Empty results, even if the first one (but also others) has more than 10 chars:

And here is a screenshot of the Filter details:

I’m getting crazy. No matter what filter I implement, it never works.
Anyone can help me?

Thank you everybody, please help me if you can :pray:

Filtering is done at client level in this case the browser. Perhaps bringing the Airtable data directly is not supported at client level for filtering to work.

Do not know how easy or difficult it would be to save your data to Bubble, have it syncing.

Also, if you choose to ask bubble for support please share your findings.

If you inspect Browser console log instead of the error from Bubble, you will get more information about the error.

In the debugger, in the 3rd view you posted, click on “number of characters”. What is the value?

The problem is that every other simple filtering works. Only the advanced filtering seems to be broken.

Is empty

OK, so it’s being filtered out because it’s empty. So the next question is, why is it empty? See if you can play around, perhaps on another page or in a separate test app, with that advanced filter and see if you can get it recognize the “number of characters” on different data of type text. It could be an issue with the AirDev query or something like that. I’ve found that if I can start small with something that works, I can then build on it from there and it helps me find what’s going wrong. Hope that’s helpful in some way.


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Thank you for answering guys.

Unfortunately the issue is not with that specific evaluator.
The data source is full, I have a list of gifts:

Then, literally NO advanced filter works, no matter the evaluator.
Here I use the evaluator: “This Gift is not empty” an I get no results, even if I have a list full of Gifts:

Schermata 2021-02-24 alle 09.08.13 Schermata 2021-02-24 alle 09.08.21

I guess we have a serious Bubble bug, what do you think?

I doubt it’s a bug, but you never know!

Try filtering without using Advanced. For example, just do a simple filter on Name = auto sportiva and see if that works. If it does, then it’s more likely a bug, but if it doesn’t then that tells you there’s something else wrong.

Does the response body have any comments in it?

I just discovered that Bubble fails to recognise the response body if it contains a comment.