RG columns not behaving the same (unless page refreshed)? Drop Areas/Draggable Groups help!

Hey All,

This one has me scratching my head!

I have a repeating group with a drop area and 3 columns - each column is a work station that allows for task cards to be added, and contains a “counter” showing how many hours total the tasks are occupying on that drop area.

The drop area on my first column works great - it stacks the cards on top of each other.

However, moving the card to the next area causes the jobs to disappear “into” each other UNTIL I manually refresh the page and only then will they appear as separate.

The other odd part is that if I move everything back to the first column - they stack together nicely without the need of the refresh.

I can see on the back end the record is being updated with the correct Parent Group in the RG using the workflow “When area has group dropped on it Make Changes to Groups Current Machine = This Cells Machine”


Can someone explain this to me like I’m 5 :slight_smile:

How come the repeating groups only behave after a hard refresh? And what can I do to remedy this?

Too many connections on the current set up for Data Type?

Jobs (Master)
Outputs (Master)
Outputs 2 (Master)

Jobs (Master) is the main task and the users submit Output 1 or Output 2.
Jobs (Master) has a field called Outputs: List (this collects the sum individual outputs submitted)
Jobs (Master) has a field called Outputs 2: List (this collects the sum individual outputs 2 submitted)

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