RG conditional background color

Hi guys (first time caller lol)
I’ve been looking at bubble for a few years but not built anything yet. I’ve been a knack and zoho create builder.

However now I have a perfect project for bubble so I’m going to get stuck in a learn on the fly (eeek)

My first issue though which I’ve goggled the heck out off is to have a RG column background color conditionally coloured. As you would say an overdue invoice background changed to red.

I’ve worked through all the conditions I can find but don’t seem to be able to do this.

What am I missing?


Thanks, watched this, however I want to conditionally color columns not rows

Or rather just one column/row cell.

Some of the same principles apply :+1:t2:

Here another video:

Focus on the method to fill-up a row’s groups (…”columns”) and use conditions to set colors:

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