RG constraint not working

In datatype 1, which is the datasource for my RG I have a field named “id”. In datatype 2 there is also an “id” field that contain the same types of ids. In the RG I want to put a constraint where the items listed are only ones that are in datatype 2.

id = Search for datatype 2’s id >>> RG is empty (
id = Search for datatype 2’s id:first item >>> RG shows the item

It seems that I can only get the constraint to work if it’s one item, how do I get the RG to show all of the relevant items from datatype 2? The constraint is blue instead of red so I assume it should be technically possible.

When you say “table” … are you referring to a data type?

Yes, I mean data type sorry for the confusion.

This might be because your

doesn’t know which item from datatype 2 you are trying to get the id of…you need to put a constraint on that search so it can tell which data type 2 id to fetch from the database

This is because you are constraining the search for data type 2 in a way; by telling it to fetch the first item from the list of data type 2 in your database…probably because your database has only one data type 1 that has the same ID as the first entry in your database of data type 2 is why it is returning only one item in the RG

So, if your database had 3 data type 1’s with the same id as the first entry of data type 2, it would return those 3 data type 1’s in your repeating group.

RG is not working properly. In Safari, I see items from DB on my Mac desktop, when I view on iPhone its acting strange, data showed up for a minute and now its not even showing anything at all. In Chrome on my desktop nothing is showing up at all, blank. Very weird behavior…

@Bubble can you please look into this asap?


You should send them a bug report

@boston85719 Just did, thanks…

But I want to show all of the items, how would I accomplish this? The constraint is that the id’s shown in the RG should only be id’s that are in datatype 2. In other words if I have 1000 id’s in datatype 1 and 5 id’s in datatype 2, I want the RG to only show the 5 id’s that match from datatype 1.

search for data type 2 with constraint that id is in and search for data type 1 id

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