RG data change only when closing the reusable element

I have a page which display an RG with many fields from data type :“Item” .
One of those fields is “Type Relation” which is list of “Type” (Another data type).
When the user click on this field a focus group popup and display a reusable element.
This reusable element display RG with list of Type’s and when a user click on one I add state value to a custom state.
On the page I add another workflow which change the thing “Item” to set list of the custom state value’s as the Type Relation.

Everything works amazing, except the final stage. When the user click a Type from the RG list, only when he closed the focus group, the filed display the updated data.

Here is the reusable element - There is also a workflow which add/remove state (Chosen type) for each chosen raw the user click.

And then on the page I use workflow that togle the reusable element and change the data thing (Field Type) according to the state values.

But then, ont the page, when the user pick new items, they will display in the field (The Green marked block) only when I close the focus group.

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