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RG Data Source where you a looking for users where they fit a certain criteria

OK, I’ll do my best to explain this.

I have some mismatches in my database, so I’m trying to create a RG to help me find them.

On my users Data Type I have a field for Creators Points Total.

I’m recording activity they do in another Data Type called Creator Points where one of the Data fields is a User connecting it back to the user.

I’m trying to do a RG with a source Search for users where their user field Creators Points Total does not match a search for Creator Point Data where they are the user, and then sum all the entries in there.

Data Source = Search for user > users who Creators Points Total <> search for Creator Points:Sum.

In the second Search for I don’t know how to reference the initial search user to compare the two.

Have you tried using “filtered”. You can refer the initial user with “filtered”. But it comes with its own disadvantages such as taking time to load complete data…

Thank you for the tip. I’m running into the same issue with the filter.

For the initial source I’m putting all users, and then filtering with the condition of Creator Point Total <> …

I’m not able to find anything like “This User” or what I would put.

Hi there, @eric10… I’m not sure if you are open to an idea that is a bit different than what you described but that I believe still accomplishes the goal, but I will throw it out there anyway as food for thought.

Create a repeating group with a data source of Search for Creator Points:grouped by user. In the grouping editor, add an aggregation that is the sum of the points field in the Creator Points data type. Then, add text elements to the repeating group that display the Current cell's Grouping's user's email, the Current cell's Grouping's user's Creator Points Total, and the Current cell's Grouping's sum of points. Finally, add a conditional to any or all of those elements that changes the formatting when the Current cell's Grouping's sum of points is not Current cell's Grouping's user's Creators Points Total.

True, what I have described above will show all of the users, but it should be very easy to see which users meet the criteria where the points don’t match.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Mike. I’m open to new ideas, but I’ll have to look over this to see what it all means. haha. I’ve not messed with groupings much, so I’ll have to see if I can get this to work.

I wanted to clarify on the result. You mentioned it would still show all the users, and that would not be what I would want. Really I want it to be a list which only shows up when there are mismatches between the point totals of all the Creator Points and what I have recorded on the user’s Points field in the User Data Type.

Actually, now that I look at it again, you could scrap what I said about using the conditional to format one or more of the elements to make it obvious when the points don’t match. Instead, you can add the conditional as an advanced filter on the repeating group’s data source, and then you would have exactly what you described… a list of only those users whose points don’t match.

Anyway, I have an example set up, so if you end up going down the path I described and need any help, just give me a shout.


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