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RG full list height

Hey Bubblers

Just hoping someone that sees this does have a solution to this problem

I’m wondering if there’s anyway to stop my main page(the main parent div) from extending its height to the height of all the data in a repeating group.

Or is there a way to change main page height depending on a state?

Are you using new responsive beta?

Hii @jay11

may be for this problem you can use vertical scrolling in repeating group.
or if you don,t want this scrolling you can make repeating group as fixed number of cell and provide a next and previous icon to see all the data in repeating group .

hope it may help you.

No I’m not.

What benefits would that have if I did?

Hey Singh

Thanks for the tip but I need to use a full list. I’m making a messenger and want it to scroll through all the messages. I actually managed to find a solution to my problem with CSS and Javascript.

With the new responsive beta you can make width and height of elements dynamic more easily.

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