🕷 RG ":group by" bug - aka How to corrupt your app in 10 easy steps

Just submitted an official bug report, so this is a PSA to provide a heads-up and hopefully help others avoid the issue.

To reproduce…

  1. Create new page.
  2. Drag a RG onto the page.
  3. Choose a Type of content (any type will do, but I used Product).
  4. For the Data source, simply Do a search for the type of content specified in the previous step. (If you chose Product for the Type of content, the Data source will read Search for Products.
  5. Now add a :group by operator to the end of the Data source’s dynamic expression, and then click the Add a new grouping button and choose Creator.
  6. Click the Conditional tab of the RG.
  7. Click the Define another condition button.
  8. Enter a condition. (I used When Current date/time is not empty.)
  9. From the Select property to change when true dropdown, choose Data source.
  10. (THIS IS THE CRUCIAL STEP THAT CORRUPTS THE PAGE / APP)  For the Data source, choose This Repeating Group.

Boom! That’s it. The page is now totally borked. Note that:

  • The Data source dynamic expression field disappears.
  • The Conditional can’t be deleted.
  • The RG can’t be deleted.
  • The page itself can’t be deleted.
  • Adding other elements to the page causes the name of the RG to disappear from the Elements tree.

The only way I’ve found to recover is to restore to a previous point in history. (If someone else wants to confirm, great; but I’ve already reliably reproduced it in two separate apps.)

Enjoy! (…or whatever)



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