RG headers and content

I have been fighting with this issue for two days now and not found a solution.

Here is the info. I have RG where a cell has two container groups. Both are row layout. The first container group has headers and the second container group has cell contents (input fields).

The RG settings are

The header settings are. Header is visible only when cell index is 1, otherwise hidden and collapsed.

The cell settings are

When viewing the RG it looks like this

To me it looks like the first row title is visible. The second row title is visible and collapsed. The third row title is not visible not but not collapsed.

Or there is another reason I have not figured out.

Ideas appreciated. br Juhani

My guess is that the problem is here.

Also, you probably don’t want the min width at 100%. I think if you have margin or padding it might do some weird things. Set the repeating group to Column layout and this problem should be handled.

Many many thanks. The zero solved the issue. Now I need to start to figure our WHY. Many thanks.