RG horizontal scroll not loading all items

I don’t know what the actual bug is here, whether it is the ever persistent but inconsistent non-functioning copied elements or if it is just he horizontal scroll of RG.

I have an RG with horizontal scroll working on one page. It was actually working on another page that I was building…they are actually just copies of each other. Then when I added another RG to the page I was building, again a copy of the original, it stopped loading all items, or at least stopped providing the horizontal scroll…IT WAS WORKING on the page I was building literally 30 seconds prior.

I attempted to resolve the issue on my own by copying the element from the page it was still functioning on, the page I built the original version on. However, despite 5 or 6 copy and past attempts, it still doesn’t function on the page I am trying to build, the page it was working on before I added a second.

I put together a video for support to watch, showing then non-functioning copied RG as well as me just simply copying and pasting the functioning RG onto the page I was building and then it not functioning on that page.

I hope the resolution is not for me to just rebuild my entire page.

Bug report #9091

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