RG - How to stop at the next cell while dragging the photo

Hello everyone…

I need some help with the slide in Repeating Group.

I want to Show Next while the user is dragging the photo.
Right now am scrolling which is something that I don’t want because it doesn’t stop at the next image, it just continues “forever”.

I want to stick it to the following image.
Anyone any idea? Is it even possible?


Is it possible to make an element not draggable while droppable element’s index is draggable elements index +1?! :thinking:

I wish I knew what you were talking about :sweat_smile:

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Anyone any idea? :slightly_frowning_face:

OK I found a way with CSS

If anybody needs it here is how:

Create an HTML and place it on the page and fill it with the code:

#snap {
scroll-snap-align: start;
scroll-snap-type: x mandatory;

Write snap on the ID Attribute of Repeating Group and the Cell

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