RG is not showing the relevant data from API

Dear Bubble Community,

I am trying to no-code the following workflow:

  1. Fill inputs (Ok)
  2. Generate the result of the calculation performed by an API using inputs of Step1 and display it in a RG (Ok)
  3. Change the inputs if needed (Ok)
  4. If inputs have changed, erase previous results and generate the new results (Not Ok!)

I am using an RG that takes as data source the results of a calculation performed by an API based on the inputs on the left. When I click on the arrow a workflow is triggered that performs first a “Clear List” to remove the previous results and then a “Display List” to show the new results.

Here is an example when Step 2 is completed:

Nothing to say, behave as expected.

In Step 3, I will change for Mode = “In Arrears” and End Date = “1/31/2023”. The mode “In Arrears” is supposed to display the last day of the month in this case
Here is the result when Step 4 is completed:

For some reasons, the first 12 values that are displayed exist from the first call Step 1 and the dates have not been updated… Though, we can see that the 13rd value is behaving correctly.

Any clue ?

Thanks in advance,


As strange as it may sounds, in step 3 if I modify the value of Base Fee, it will always display the expected results ! Unfortunately the user might not want to change the Base Fee.