RG list of auto generated numbers/text (not from DB) - how?

I have multiple RGs that appear in a floating group attached the bottom of a screen.

The RGs that ‘Do search for’ in a DB work perfectly but in some RGs I simply want a list of automatically generated numbers/texts and can’t seem to make it work. I don’t think custom states will help but they might.

One example is that I want a list of years from this year going back 30 years so 2018, 2017, 2016 … 1988 and that list needs to have this year on top of the list without me having to remember to go add it to a DB or relying on a timed event which should be unnecessary if I can use the current date: [+years] -1 etc to generate the list.

Anyone know how to get this working please?

You could use the “Toolbox” plugin.

And then “List of Numbers”.


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Perfect… a simple solution.

How long did it take you to come up to speed with bubble @NigelG?

I’m still spending hours, even days, doing things I subsequently find had an easier solution.

Thank you for the pointer. I’m off to install ToolBox now.


Bubble was much simpler when I started. So less of a learning curve.

There is so much to learn now, and am still not sure I understand the responsive engine :slight_smile:

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Thank you @NigelG - I learn very quickly so I’m managing but there is a lot to take on-board if you want to do anything more than a straightforward app and the training materials are sparse once you get beyond the basics. I’m not sure I would be achieving what I am if I didn’t have a background in tech. I was a programmer (there were no software engineers back then) but I’ve not written a line of code (outside of a little VB in excel) for 28 years. I’m rusty but the background and knowledge of how software works are helping. I’m not sure it’s really a tool for non-developers but it is certainly allowing me to pull together an MVP quickly and that is invaluable.

Any solution for this for backend workflows?

Sorry, not that I can think of. Depending on how/when you are calling perhaps you could generate the list and pass it into the backend as a parameter.

I ended up creating a list of 100 number as an option set. Not ideal, but I only have to do it once and can use it wherever now. Probably more efficient on capacity having them ready than generating them anyway.

Agreed as long as you don’t need a different set each time. I prefer to avoid adding plugins if I can avoid it. All have loads overhead and many are no longer supported so there is a risk.

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I’m creating a set that is as long as I can image I’d need. You can then use “items until” and “items from” to control the start and endpoint of the list I’m actually using in my workflow.

Smart move