RG not displaying data from page url

I’m creating a song website. We have two data types, the “project” and “Song”. Im trying to populate a repeating group by retrieving the projects unique id from the page url.

I managed to do this correctly with the first repeating group as the information was based within the “project” data type; however, with the second repeating group i want it to display in the repeating group the list of songs within the project by retrieving the projects unique id from the Url.

So for this group instead of using “project”, Im using “song” as the info i need is within the song; however, I can see in the second group im retrieving the unique project ID, but for the list of songs it shows nothing even though I can see that project id has two songs attached to it.

thanks for ur help !

Debugger shows correct ID in property or RG “Song” group

Two songs have the project unique ID attached to them

Song Data Type – The project Data type has songs in it and then connects to list of songs.

Group 1 “album preview” works, but “song preview” no

Am I missing something fundamental here?

If you’re getting the unique ID from the query params, you can simply tell bubble to expect it as a custom data type instead of a text - this way you can skip defining the ‘do a search’ as well.

So, do something like:
get data from url (type: project)'s songs

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