RG not refreshing for Current User?

Just an initial check with you all:

I noticed that something is different when creating a new Thing that is displayed in a RG on the page. Before, for the current user, it would load the new item as per RG’s sorted settings. Now, it doesn’t ‘refresh’ the RG. But when I have the same page/user open in another browser it does update instantly.

I noticed this first with a picture uploader for clients. It seems the picture was not uploaded because it needs a refresh of the entire page to show the picture. Before, this was not the case. Even with an extra action of ‘display list’ at the end of the picture upload/save workflow doesn’t do anything.

I have it on another page too where I have 3 repeating groups for Accounts, Contacts and User Things. Refresh to show all latest items doesn’t work anymore. Ihaven’t changed anything to affect this.

Is anyone else experiencing this? If not, I’ll try and replicate the issue for an official bug report.

When you say another browser, do you mean a different browser altogether? As in, Internet Explorer vs Firefox?

Regardless of browser. I checked it with two users at the same time. One updated an RG (uploaded an image), one was monitoring the RG.

The image loads briefly for current user, then disappears only to return on page refresh. For the other user, it is there immidiately.

If noone else is experiencing this, I will try and recreate on a public instance.

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Just an update on this. It seems that when there is a condition on the RG (if X, then do search for) it will not populate on adding a new Thing.

So I had to implement other security rules to make sure the RG won’t load all items if a condition is not met.

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