RG showing in test but not in live (advanced filter)

I have a repeating group that is filtering a main datatype “location results” and i utilized an advanced filter to search for all of the data from another source “location packages” that intersects with the “location results”

The results do show in the test however in the live it tried to loads but appears blank.

test results

live results

The privacy settings are set to public viewing and the database in live and private are all up to date so i’m not sure as to why its not loading in live.

Any idea as to what could cause this?

Any assistance ?

Two main causes for this:

The live database and the testing databases are different. Check whether Location Results, Location Packages, and all other database entries actually exist on your live database. You can copy your test database over to your live database by using the ‘Copy and restore database’ section, but be careful using this if your app already has live users.

Privacy Rules
You might be logged in on the test environment, but logged out on your live environment, and privacy rules might be blocking the search from returning any results.

Check for these two problems first, and let us know if this solves your problem.

you probably don’t have data in the live database

Thank you for your response .

The two data sources are up to date in the live environment .

The ‘location packages’ are created by users in the live environment .

The “Location results” is up to date also.

In creating the ‘location packages” entry a user will select multiple ‘location results’ from the list and their unique IDs are saved to be used to filter the location results list as shown in the images above.

The privacy settings for both data types are made public.

The thing is initially the list will show up in the live but then disappears a few sections later.

Thank you for your response .

Data is in the live database . I actually migrate data from the live into the test database to conduct these test. So the live database is populated before anything as it these data types are user entries.

Debug mode could be helpful here to figure out what is going on. Inspect elements and use the step-by-step function, and you’ll probably find the cuplrit.

Yea i was about to say the same. type debug_mode=true in the url

Click on inspect and see what the repeating group is loading

Plus also review the data entries something might be missing as that’s a pretty big filter

That is true , is it a fairly large filter … as the ‘location results’ is a fairly large lists with over 1000 entries …and it is one of the main data sources on the website .

It couldn’t have been overloaded ?

Thank you both for the suggestion

I’ll look in the live debugger and state my findings here.

So my findings currently are that in the live environment ,the filter is returning no entries.
and the test is apparently.

But if find this strange as initially when the live website is loaded the filter does show results then disappears seconds after.
Test environment

Live environment

It could be privacy settings but viewing is set to public.

Live environment privacy settings for both data types.

Location results

Location packages

Check what the red issue on the debugger is saying, it might be related to this issue, but even if it isnt its good to fix those.
Click on the RG’s datasource while on debug mode. It will let you actually see what is being evaluated in the dynamic expression rather than jut viewing the final empty result.

Good day,

the warning was more or less this … which i believe is in relation to adblock being active on the site. once i whitelisted the website this warning no longer appeared.

i’m still combing through the actual source …but nothing seems to point out what may have triggered the blank repeating group response.

The sources for both the live and test are returning the full list of location results. however as mentioned the live still returns an empty filter.

Quite strange :thinking: trying to figure out if i’m missing something.

anyone have other suggestions ?

could it be that the repeating group has a bug or?

Without advanced filtering, do you get any data displayed?

I’d suggest making the RG on a different page, as plain as can be. Start from point A to B. Use basic filters. If that comes to the same issue, then it could be a bug in your app. As of right now I haven’t had any issues with my RG’s like this.

Yup, it run without it . I removed it from one of the repeating groups I had the filter on and it displayed everything .

Also when debugging it does show a return with just the source and not the filter. Mind you every time I push and update to the live environment the filter does work for a few seconds before going blank.

Okay noted will start it back from scratch and see if it will work with a simpler filter …

I just find it so strange that it does work completely fine in the test environment and only giving these issues in the live environment and it has the same privacy and data