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RG shows previous data for a second

Good day Bubble Community and Bubble Team (@emmanuel, @josh, @allenyang),

I have been looking for solution a couple of days, but I can’t sorted out without your help. It’s so frustrating, that a small think just breaks the whole idea and makes a User Expiriences unacceptable.

Here is step-by-step details what is the issue I’m expiriencing.

  • I have a group which contain RG, where all my friends listed.
  • When selected cell with one of my friends is clicked, then “profile” group shows up with RG where I can see his list contains of x2 books.
  • When I click back button which is hiding a group with selected friend and shows me the list of all my friends again.
  • When I select another my friend, then “profile” group shows up again with RG where I suppose to see x3 books, but instead for about 2 seconds I can see x2 books from previously selected friend and one book from curently selected friend, which is still loading picture, title and etc.
  • In about 2 seconds data is refreshed and I can see x3 new books belong to selected friend.

– My app is a single page app consist of groups only, so I show/hide them using a workflows with Element Action - Set State.
– I’m using an Element Action - Set State to send selected user data to the group and then take that data from the state to RG as a data source (Previously I used a display data, which is much more slower).
– So the group which shows a friend “profile” is a same for all users and I just update user data using a Set State.

I fully understand, that it might not be possible to patch or re-do something in the core, due to the platform architecture, but at lease give us a hit how to workaround in the main time. I sow a couple of threads with the same issues and somebody even created a bug report, where he got an answer that this is the way it works at this moment. I’m okay to show a loading group before the RG will be loaded with a fully refreshed data, but this “is loading” condition for the RG doesn’t work in this case. I tried all the solutions from the related posts and simmilar cases, just before wrote this post, nothing works for this case.

The only workaround, I found so far is to show a loading overlay for 3 seconds, but this actually increase a waiting time and potentially might be annoying for end users.

Thanks for understanding,

I just went through this problem. As far as I am aware there is no way around the delay using states as you’ve described. The only solution I came up with was to have a loading group over the RG and hide it after 3 seconds. It’s not ideal but it works and avoids seeing the temporary invalid data.

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Good day,

Thank you for you input! This is one of the options, which really slow down my app for a 3 seconds. Imagine that my users going over the list of their friends and have to wait every time for a 3 seconds. Apart of that RG there are another RG’s in a different hidden groups. That make a user experience unacceptable when every RG will takes a 3 seconds to load instead of the real loading time.

Want to here an option from a Bubble team as well.


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I’m experiencing this bug too.
Only have it on app for “personal purpose” so I never try to find a way to fix it.
Screenshot if it can help for @Bubble team. (1)

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Hello Bubblers,

Anyone else is experience the same issue and found the other way of workaround, please share with a community.


Hello! Sorry to hear about this trouble; can you please file a bug report with reproducible steps so that our team can investigate? Thanks in advance!

It’s not a bug, it’s how the bubble engine renders. It’s one of if not the biggest gripe I have in using Bubble atm. There has been numerous discussions and threads on this over the last few years/months and yet nothing solid. Yes there are workarounds (as above) and WF/CSS wizardry but no silver bullet. If I’m wrong… someone please advise…?

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@Jeff2, I created a bug report, but it was not helpful and we all know, that this is the way how data gets rendered.

As @nomorecode mentioned, there was a lot of threads, but it wasn’t fixed yet. The workaround we all know, do not solve the problem and create a serious impact on User Experience.

Hope to hear this is going to be fixed. In the main time would be great to have a modified version of “is loading” which can be used in that case.

-is_loading function is horrific @oleksiy, I would also like to see something on this.


Same here

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Still a problem even today. My users are constantly submitting this issue to me as a bug report.

Anyone found a suitable workaround yet?

I’ve had this issue in my app and I see two routes:

  1. Optimize your search/display speed. If you can get it running fast, then even if the old data shows, it will be for a fraction of a second.

  2. If #1 is not possible, then options are:

  • Live with the fact that users will see old data in the RG until Bubble replaces it with new
  • Put a loading animation on top of it to give the RG time to update
  • Experiment with workflows or conditions that blank out the old data (by either replacing the data source or sending a constraint that produces 0 results. That way at least you’re starting with a blank slate when the RG is shown.

One thing I always do is when I show a group and send data to it: I have the workflow first send the data, then show the group. I’m not sure if this matters though.

If Bubble team cannot solve such basic vital things in 365 days, I wonder if it can be used beyond MVP ((