RG Sorting it randomly within each category

I have a database with movies and a datatype of Watched (yes/no). I want to have them in a repeating group, such that the Watched (yes) is ranked above the Watched (no). However, I also want to randomly sort the movies within each category. Does anyone know how to do that? I can do grouped by, but it isn’t the best solution in my case.


Hi there, @Ragy… assuming you mean field rather than datatype when referring to Watched (because you wouldn’t describe a data type as yes/no), you should be able to do what you described by using the merged with operator to merge a search for movies where Watched = "yes" (with random sorting selected) with a search for movies where Watched = "no" (also with random sorting selected). So, the first search would look like this.

The second search is obviously exactly the same except for watched = "no".

The above being said, I’m not sure what you mean by “a database of movies,” and maybe you really do have a custom data type called Watched (with a yes/no field and a field that links to a Movie data type) to track whether or not each user has viewed a movie. Although, you wouldn’t have all of the movies listed for each user so you could initially set the yes/no field to no, so who knows, maybe I have no idea what’s going on here, and it would probably be good if you could clarify exactly what you are doing.


Hello Ragy, this simple and not stressful though :ok_hand:

Instead of having another datatype for watched movies I think that will be making your Databases more complex so rather than doing that, just have a field under the movie datatype and then make its type user and make it a list.
The have an Icon for rating movie, automatically user can not rate movie tha he/she has not watched okay.

So on the icon set a workflow that if the user as click the rank icon to rate the video its should make changes to the current cell movie by adding the current user to the list of users in the movie ranked field you created earlier.
If you want to rate move now you can use the number or users that has ranked each movie to know the most watched movie.

If you need more explanation get back to me please.

Thank you both for your very helpful and detailed answers!