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RG stops refreshing automatically after some time

Hi everyone!

I am sorry to create yet another topic about refreshing RGs, but I really haven´t found a solution to my issue.

App works like this:

Webhook with order details hits backend API endpoint. Some logic inserts rows into tables.

RG does a search for active items in their respective station.

Use: Kitchen display system, everytime an order comes in it sends different items to different stations. Should be as realtime as possible. Then cooks click an X when the item is done, and the queue is updated

Everything works nice, when an order comes in, all station receive the items.

The issue is that the refreshing of those RGs is intermittent. It sometimes works, and sometimes the cooks need to refresh the page to show the data.

We sometimes have extended periods of time without orders, so I don´t know if bubble, javascript or the browser goes inactive.

We do keep tablets plugged in with the window always open.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Would appreciate all ideas on what to try.

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