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RG Updates alone. But it changes the position of the content

Hello everyone, follow the workflow images. I do an action in the workflow and call an api, just to use the function to update every 5 seconds As you can see everything works! But every update my repeater group changes the content position Even though there is nothing new to act.
I sent the date in the header and tried to use it to compare if there is something new in the call creating the rule (only when) but it doesn’t work.I only need when in the new call (5 seconds) there is something new in relation to the repeater group It displays. I tried to create this rule anyway, can anyone help?

Does the api provider offer a parameter for sorting the data? Seems like the api provider is sending the data in random ordering if the position of the results change…OR are you saying that if you were for example on the 112th item of the Repeating Group when the call is done again (every 5 seconds) that the Repeating Group changes the position to show the first item again?

The latter I believe is expected behavior because you are resetting the data of the repeating group.

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