RG with input element wont show correct value

I have a repeating group with an input element. I want the input element to show the value for the related rows data but also give the ability to the user to change that data.

Since there are many rows, I have a separate element that feeds a constraint in the RG to show specific rows.

The problem is the input element in the RG will show the wrong data under certain circumstances. It will basically hold the data from the first item that was in the row prior to changing the constraint. I have tried using the reset relevant input but cant get it to reset when the constraint changes.

ok I think I found a hack, not sure why it works exactly. My original initial value was referencing a data field that happened to be a number. I added a “+0” to the end and now the input shows the values properly.

I suspect its forcing the input to recalculate each time there is a change in the constraint and therefore updating the input. But I dont think it really should work that way IMO.

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