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RGs How to Search For Groups that contain user's email?

Hello Bubblers,

Well, 2 hours ago I thought this would be straight forward, ha!

Objective: Trying to display all the groups that a user belongs to.

  • When a user logs in, I’m thinking I want to search all existing groups and display the groups that they belong to (someone else can create a group and add people based on email)

Data Structure

– name
– list_of_members type Member

– name type text
– email type text

Problem - I can’t figure out how to ‘do a search for’ current user’s email is in group’s list_members email

When I try the ‘do a search for’ it forces you to do list_members contains ‘do search for - Member’ and then limit to the first result - but I’m looking for All groups whos list_members contains a Member that matches the user’s email.

Hi there, @sduxbury… I just replicated your objective, but I went a different route. Instead of having a Member datatype, I configured the list_of_members on the Group to be a List of Users. So, that list just ends up being a list of the email addresses of the users who belong to the group.

With that structure in place, the constraint for the repeating group’s search just becomes list_of_members contains Current User.

Do you think that could work for you?


Thanks Mike. That will work in the short term for sure.

I imagine this type of search or DB structure must be quite common and I figured it would be good to solve the search and constrain challenge sooner rather than later.

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