Rich Text Editor placeholder and conditional

Hello, issue with the Rich Text Editor plugin. Do you know how to set up placeholder when the data cell is empty?

The conditional simple cannot handle it for some reason. Could auto-binding mess it up?

Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 21.08.52

When the contents are empty it should by default display the placeholder text defined on the element properties without the need for a conditional.

Yes, but when the auto-binding is on then it doesn’t work that way. What is peculiar it works fine with the regular multi line input.

I wonder if there is any hack I can use to force a placeholder on the Rich Text when the cell is empty.

The RichText editor shows the placeholder when the input is empty, by default (that’s what the placeholder is for), so no need to add any conditions…

It works whether autobinding is on or not (I just tested it to confirm), so that’s not the issue…

The reason you’re not seeing a placeholder when the content is empty is because you’re using a dynamic placeholder, set to be the parent group’s thing’s content (the very field the input is autobound to) - so of course it won’t show anything when it’s empty (there’s nothing to show).

You’re telling it to show a field’s value as the placeholder when that field is empty (which doesn’t make any sense).

It doesn’t make any sense to use the parent group’s thing’s content as the placeholder, even if it’s NOT empty, as it will just confuse your Users - the placeholder (generally) should be a clear instruction to your User of what they need to type…

So, change your placeholder to something Static (or at least to a dynamic value that actually exists) if you want it to show when the input is empty.

You’re probably getting confused here between the input’s placholderand its initial content (althouth with autobinding the initial content is already defined)…


Ok, gotcha! Thank you, it helped a lot 🙇‍♂️

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