Rich text editor slowing page speed

Is anyone currently using a rich text editor plugin and having issues with site speed as a result?

I’ve built a social platform where users can create and publish content using a rich text editor.

Was curious to know if there was a way to compress the content created with the RTE to reduce the load time.

Would appreciate any insights.


FYI to everyone else, Lachlan and I are running into issues with our page load speeds being very slow after implementing (2 different) rich text editor plugins for community posts.

Could it be something else?

Once thing I’ve tried is loading the rich text content AFTER the page is loaded, but that also didn’t help at all so I’m thinking it’s not the rich text, but I can’t be 100% sure.

@emmanuel someone on the bubble team we could chat with about this?

This has not be reported to the team. Please file a bug report and we’ll see what we can do. Having said that, the Bubble-built plugin is quite old, so not sure we’ll be able to do much (instead, we should be using a more modern editor).


It would be great so see a update to the rich text editor running in the editor and alongside the plugin available. Its super dated now and limited in the scope of options.


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Thanks for the response. I’m currently using the ZQ rich text editor, and Joe is using Guaruv’s BDK text editor.

Just submitted a bug report. Appreciate it.

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