🤌 Rich text editor with real-time collaboration (Tiptap)

Hi Rico!

How are you changing the document?

Because I change the parent based on the URL, and the autobind is not working. It cannot distinguish that the parent has already been changed by the URL, and before that it already replaces all the content of the second document with the first.

Thanks for nudging me. I’ve spent sometime trying to understand how to do this (and also add custom classes to different images in a document). It’s just outside my skill level. I’m planning hire a Tiptap expert to help me with this but that’s gonna cost me. I might try to set up a “fund a feature” campaign so that I can dedicate more time to this. I’ll get back to you guys this Friday.


You can take a look under the hood of my test app: tiptap-plugin-dev | Bubble Editor
Would that help? Otherwise, could you share an example app of what you’re trying to do so that I can better troubleshoot it?

(it’s messy in there :sweat_smile: , I’ve gotta Marie Kondo this thing)

Oh okay, I naively thought it would be easy !
“fund a feature” is a good idea anyways! I’m interested.

The autobinding has the same problem in your test app lol

See how autobinding is firing just by switching from one document to another:


Oh, it took me a bit to understand the problem – I’m a bit thick. The problem is that autobinding is firing a save when simply switching documents.

Hmm… :thinking: I’m gonna go (re)read some more code of the other editors to see how they handle it. If I just turn off the throttle and let the firehose of updates would be simplest, but that floods the Bubble app and WU will sky rocket. Maybe I’ll have to put a little switch to pick up if the content has changed and not fire the autobind.

Do you have any ideas?

I think me (and ChatGPT) got something working. Would you mind testing it again?

The solution was to add a flag when there’s a programmatic update and drastically lower the debounce timeout, from 2000 ms to 300.

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Tested it and works fine, good job!

Do you intend to release a new version in the next few days? Thanks


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Anyone else having problems adding YouTube videos?

I added it successfully, but when refresh the page, Tiptap does not render the iframe (only the first time). There are no modifications to the code, no classes removed, etc., the space is blank and simply does not render.

I couldn’t reproduce it in the demo because I can’t save the changes.