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🤌 Rich text editor with real-time collaboration (Tiptap)

You got an infinite loop. @rico.trevisan

The plugin’s run updates the content when I select another note… It make the app got an infinite loop…

Unfortunately I had to turn off the access to the app editor because it exposes my API keys. I’ll make a video tutorial on how to use the collaboration feature.

In short, it’s like this:

On grab the :

  • app id
  • app secret — I believe this is in the settings page

On the plugin settings:

  • add your app secret

On the page (or anywhere else you prefer)

  • add a state of type text — the is where we will store the generated JWT key. Let’s call this generated JWT

Add a workflow when page loads

  • use the action generate JWT token
  • use a set state action to set the generated JWT state with the result of step 1

On the Tiptap element

  • check the collaboration box
  • add the app id app_id field
  • add a document name to doc_id field
  • add the reference to the generated JWT in the JWT field

Give it a go. Keep an eye on the console to see if any errors come up.

There are lots of (edge) cases that I need to handle but this should get you started.

I can’t remember who asked me for a way to extract the text with HTML. Someone just posted a solution in Github. I’ll give it a try soon.

It was me :slight_smile:, however, we figured out an alternative solution that works just as good.

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