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Rich text emails with mail merge features

Bubble is scrrrrreaming for an internal email builder where I can fill out a rich text editor with dynamic data, like name placeholders, lists, images, graphs, etc, and send out that email personalized to each user.


+1 Totally agreed!

Totally agree also.

I have paid a developer to build a stripo plugin.

I can grant you free access if you want to trial it

There is a story behind it…

A couple of months ago I paid a developer to create this bubble plugin for me as I needed (still need) a number of custom plugins as part of my long term app development plan.

This seemed like the easiest project as a starting point.

The partnership didn’t go well. There is no animosity on either side but my experience with the developer was much poorer than I personally expected and although I’m confident that this plugin will work perfectly as they’re a quality developer there was no proper handover and I haven’t had the time to implement it yet.

I’m not in a position to release it to the community via the plugin marketplace because I’m not in a position to offer support.

So, I’ll happily offer it out for free via the forum to anybody that wants access to it. This is on the basis that hopefully you will test it out, make sure it’s ready for launch and possibly even help to either create some basic documentation or show me how to properly implement the plugin so that I can create my own documentation.

No pressure your end… it’s gathering dust and it could really help the community.

I’m not looking to make a profit. I paid $900 for the build and I’d like to recoup that investment if possible (nobody likes to lose money but I understand that it’s part of the learning journey) but I’m not against releasing this as a free plugin either - any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

If anybody is interested in a free copy please drop me a PM.

I’m hoping that this situation might also give me an opportunity to find a developer that I can work with on my next plugin project.

I’m on this bubble journey for the long haul now so developing connections with the right people will be imperative for my long term success.

Here’s a plug-in we built out for this.