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Rich Text Input can lock all browser sessions


I found a few bugs with the Rich Text Input. One of them is rather serious because it can lock all the browser sessions related to Bubble. The problem is easily reproducible, so I hope it will be easy to fix too :slight_smile:

To isolate, the page below only has a Rich Text Input element:

Assume that I Preview this page, type a list of lines in the element and select them.

Bug 1: The button to indent text is grayed out. It s/b visible.

Assume that now I click on the Number List. The lines become numbered.

Bug 2: If I try to remove the numbering, the session LOCKS. You can no longer do anything. Moreover, all the Chrome tabs with a Bubble session (Bubble Home, Bubble Editor, Bubble Forum and the page Preview) lock. If you try to refresh, you get the “Aw Snap” message and I have to close the browser to get out of it.

I’m using Chrome version 57.0.2987.133. I also did some minor testing with MS Edge but I wasn’t very methodical. I did notice there that the list gets corrupted when clicking the list button on and off (the first two lines and the last line become number 1)

I hope this can be fixed soon. Let me know your thoughts and if I can be of any help,


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