Rich Text Input Collapsing Height on Mobile

I’m using Bubble’s native Rich Text Input (not legacy) plugin. It works great on desktop and automatically stretches element height to fit the text. However, on mobile it is not only not stretching, it is actually collapsing the element height so I can barely see one line of text.

Has anyone else run into this issue?? I’m on Safari iOS, not sure if it happens on Android as well.

Change the min height on the Rich Text element when the width is less than a certain amount?

Do you mean through JS or CSS or something? There is no “minimum height” option provided on Bubble.

Strange that you don’t see it
Here’s what I see:

This is the plugin you’re using right? :

Oh, I wonder if the plugin doesn’t work on the old responsive engine - I haven’t upgraded yet.

Ah, that’s probably the case!