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Rich Text Input not working on Mobile

Has anyone tried typing with a in a Rich Text Input field on a mobile device? Have any difficulty with the typing?

Just tried it from my Android phone through Chrome and “Internet” browsers. Both browsers worked as you would expect with the Multi Line Input, but when I went to type in the Rich Text Editor, it would only let me type one letter at a time with a few seconds delay until I could type another letter.

Recreated the two input fields in the forum app, anyone else having this problem on your mobile?


I was about to ask about the same issue and saw this post from a few months back.

I experience exactly what is described by gf_wolfer: impossibly slow character input on mobile (also Android) in my rich text input field. May have to switch to regular text input for mobile if there’s no way to fix this, but that poses other problems for me for this one particular field in my app. Any advice or alternative suggestions would be welcome!

Thank you.

I ended up using a Multi Line input when screen width is under a certain size, and using the Rich Text Input when it is larger.

Definitely not ideal as it clutters up the app and makes for some confusing workflows.
We will probably need to submit a bug report to get it looked at